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BioScience and Technology

BioScience and Technology - Department of Biotechnology and Department of Medical Physics

Bacterial infectious diseases remain the major healthcare problem for our country, as it is not well served by indigenous engineers and technocrats. We are still depended on cumbersome conventional microbiological and biochemical methods for the diagnosis and evaluation of treatment strategies. The currently available automated systems for diagnosis are completely outsourced from other countries thus increasing the monetary burden on the citizen of our country predominantly belonging to middle- income and lower middle-income group.

The bioscience and technology group of UPE was formed with an objective to develop low-cost methodologies and medical devices for quick and accurate identification of bacteria causing diseases and its antibiotic sensitivity report within 6 h of sample collection or one dose of antibiotic therapy. We developed a patented ready-to-use fluorescent bacterial culture medium optimized to suit the field conditions with significant fluorescence quenching by 4 h. The fluorescence of the medium reduced up to 90% by 6 h of incubation for a variety of clinical bacteria. Hence the wide fluorescence quenching range (from 20% - 90%) available during the growth period accommodates even large errors and variations typical of biological measurements and provide accurate results of antibiotic susceptibility.