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Limited Manufacturing - Mechanical

Limited Manufacturing - Mechanical - Department of Production Technology

The Limited Manufacturing Facility at MIT was established under UGC-UPE for the manufacture of Bio-Medical Devices. The objective of the project is to design, fabricate develop and commercialize the various models of Automated Anti-Biogramoscope devices. Manufacturing of Automated Anti- biogramoscope involves several processes like machining, manufacturing, material handling integrated together.

The facility consists of Advance CAD Lab for Designing & Analysis, Advance Machining Facility, Metal Forming and Calibration & Testing lab. Each facility consists of State of the art software and machineries.

Advance CAD lab uses CREO, CATIA, ANSYS, ADAMS, DELMIA Software for Design and Analysis for components for the Automated Anti- biogram Device.


Limited Manufacturing - Mechanical - Department of Manufacturing Engineering

Polymer (Powder) based Rapid Manufacturing System and its Accessories procured from EOS GmbH (P 396) costing Rs.3.15 cr approx, which is based on Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) technique. SLS is one of the 3D printing or Rapid Manufacturing or Additive Manufacturing technique in which an object is created by selectively fusing polymer powder layer by layer using a laser beam.

The P 396 machine covers the medium build volume range with a total build size of 340 x 340 x 600 mm. This modular and highly productive system allows the tool-free manufacture of serial components, spare parts, functional prototypes and models directly from CAD data.

This machine is capable of fabricating with PA 2200 (Bio compatible), Glass filled Polyamide - PA 3200 GF (High stiffness and thermal resistance), Alumide (Rigid and thermal resistance), PA1101 (Functional components), Prime Cast 101(investment casting patterns) materials, which enables fabrication of functional parts for Anti- biogramoscope device.